The George T. Matthews Audio-biography
and Photo Gallery

      Welcome to the George Thomas Matthews website. The audio-biography and photo gallery was created for anyone interested in knowing more about George T. Matthews. More specifically, the website is a tribute to his life, philanthropy, and generosity which resulted in the construction and establishment of the Matthews Library. The Matthews Library was conceived of foremost as a loving and eternal memorial dedicated to Mr. Matthews late wife Mrs. June Matthews.

     Mr. and Mrs. Matthews recognized the intrinsic value of  libraries and their role in the perpetuation of an educated society. Their shared ideals and vision resulted in a thoroughly modern and well appointed community library. All library members are welcomed and encouraged to further their education and development of their interests through reading. Moreover, the Matthews Library is committed to providing its members the incredible opportunity and challenge to become increasingly literate.

     Mr. Matthews was 91 years old when the interview for the audio-biography was recorded. The listener will have the distinct pleasure of hearing Mr. Matthews recall his entire life all in his own words. The story telling is direct, plain spoken, compelling, and sometimes very humorous. You will become privy to the elusive keys of success we all strive to achieve. Listen closely and discover how one of the “Greatest Generation” crafted and perfected his own formula for living life which produced immense success, lifelong friendships, family strength, and devotion to God. Certainly, you will feel as though he is speaking personally and directly to you. Enjoy viewing the accompanying photographs, magazine interviews, awards, and congratulatory letters presented in the photo gallery.

Bio written by Randy L. Swope